Recent Work

Project STAR

Project STAR is a social and economic development initiative. Project STAR consults with Jamaican community stakeholders to identify needs, then works with partners to connect communities with resources and services.

Desired Outcome: 
A platform to share the work of the project and engage with the public, while also encouraging participation and corporate support.

Dawkins Engineering

L & N Dawkins Engineering Works Limited (aka Dawkins Engineering) provides machining and industrial equipment repair services. They service the bauxite, construction and automotive industries among others. Over the years, they have distinguished themselves through precision and quality.

Desired Outcome:
Showcase their capabilities and raise awareness about their expertise.

Golden Glory Honey

Golden Glory Apiaries specialises in unpasteurised (raw) honey, free of additives and with all the nutrients intact.
The business caters to people place priority on healthy and natural nutrition.

Desired Outcome:
A website to highlight the product, provide contact information and a way to place orders for the honey.


PleadingPower is a service that provides court-ready documents through document automation. They have a growing library of templates for Florida-based attorneys.

Desired Outcome:
Develop a compelling landing page to support their minimum viable product (MVP)

*this is a link to the landing page version of the site. The current version of the site is available at and is not maintained by us.

Kayani Construction Limited

They focus on people who want to build in Jamaica from overseas. The service offers construction services with less hassle and risk than the competing options.

Desired Outcome: An interactive and user-friendly website that can keep up with their needs as their offerings and business develops.

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